Musical Micropause: N


New Pornographers: Myriad Harbour (2007)
Another band that I’ve discovered through Word and Uncut magazines, the New Pornographers formed in Vancouver in 1999.  This track was one of the singles from Challengers, the CD that the were promoting when they played Auckland’s Kings Arms in October 2008. Lead Pornographer A. C. Newman not only proved himself capable of frequent comic relief after repeated gear failures, but also impressed the crowd with his affection for Chris Knox and his spontaneous register of New Zealand bands.


The National: Apartment Story (2007)
The National have progressed to Auckland’s largest indoor venue since their last visit here in January 2011.  It won’t be as cosy as those shows this time round, but I’m just glad they haven’t forgotten us. That happens a lot. Are there other five-piece bands around that include two sets of brothers?


New Order: Ceremony (1981)
One of the many bands that have passed through in the last few years that I never thought I’d see (Primal Scream, Pixies, Portishead and others not beginning with P). Their appearance has probably had more to do with ex-member Peter Hook’s threat to do solo shows playing entire New Order albums, than with the current reunion trend – so thanks Hookie. Featuring the guy who gets my vote as the world’s best drummer, Stephen Morris.


Willie Nelson: A Song For You – live (1974)
Last word today goes to one of the greats.  Willie Nelson has been on my “top 5 to see live” for a few decades now, but I think I may have missed my chance. This guy has written some classics, but can also make any song his own – even songs by frogs. Recorded for his 1973 album “Shotgun Willie”, but here in a show from 1974, this Leon Russell track leaves the audience entranced. 

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9 Responses to Musical Micropause: N

  1. Daile says:

    I love The National and the New Pornographers!

    • westiedad says:

      I can’t wait for the National show early next year. I’m sure they’ll be playing a few more shows on your side of the ditch.
      Suggestions are very welcome for O. I’d rather not go down the Oasis route, and I’m a bit stuck after Beth Orton and Okkervil River. And Olivia Newton-John is not an O!

  2. Merci for visiting/following my blog and wishing you all the best for yours!

    • westiedad says:

      Thanks very much. I have so many good memories of France and love reading blogs about life in France. It helps me to live vicariously! I’d love to get back there – hopefully one day for an extended period. And I’m proud to say that I answered all the conjugation questions of 26/10 correctly!

  3. kalison0515 says:

    Thank you for following my blog!

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