Musical micropause: E

Move over iTunes, here come the eTunes…

Easy Star All*Stars: Let Down (2006)
Radiohead meets reggae on the Easy Star All*Stars cover album of OK Computer. This was recorded with Toots and the Maytals, and according to this concert report from Philadelphia in 2006, Thom Yorke likes it too. Radiohead still wouldn’t play it though.

Elbow: Weather To Fly (2008)
A highlight of their fantastic show in Auckland in 2012, reviewed here. But regardless of the beautiful music or the skills of the songwriter, no-one looks good in an orange shirt.

Everything But The Girl: Wrong (2006)
After the success of the remix of an earlier single, EBTG chose a more electronic sound on Walking Wounded in 1995. It’s probably dance music for people who can’t dance, but I like it.

Editors: Munich (2005)
Initially released in 2005, this song gave Editors their first top ten hit when Munich was re-released in 2006. They sound like fans of Joy Division to me, which is no bad thing.


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4 Responses to Musical micropause: E

  1. maggie says:

    funny, I am planning to post Easy All Star’s Karma Police this week!

  2. Staci says:

    Hey now…dance music for people who can’t dance…sounds like my kind of music. Oh wait, it is. LOL. Love the tracks! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Radiohead addiction last night!

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