Musical Micropause: K


Kings of Convenience: I’d Rather Dance With You (2004)
My favourite act of 2013. The Kings of Convenience produce beautiful melodies, but how do two guys from Bergen, Norway, come up with such intricate lyrics? With a tall blond guy leading the singing and a short guy on guitar, there are inevitable comparisions to another folk duo, but that’s just the beginning of their range. I had heard of their reputation, but not their music, and was lucky enough to see them at Laneway in Auckland in January. One of those acts that you should never miss the chance to see. Here’s a studio version and thanks to noirkitsch, a live version of one of their better known songs: 

The Killers: Romeo and Juliet (2007)
It was either this or the Killers’ version of Shadowplay, but their performance of the Dire Straits classic won out. Possibly wisely, they have barely strayed from the original. I’ve heard versions that tried to put their mark on the song, and I prefer the Killers’ version.

Mark Knopfler: Romeo and Juliet (live in Verona, 2006)

Mark Knopfler doesn’t play too many Dire Straits songs anymore, but fortunately this one is still in his repertoire. Here’s a reminder of how the man himself performs the song:

The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset (1967)
Keeping the spirit of 1960’s London alive, this is another gem that I never get tired of hearing.  It’s hard to be in London without this going around your head. Thanks to Dumyet for the video.

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