Musical micropause: I


This one was hard work. If you’re going to start a band, try something beginning with R, like REM, Radiohead and the Rolling Stones.  There aren’t that many big name I-bands out there, especially if you don’t like Iron Maiden.

Interpol: Obstacle 1 (2002)
Interpol’s first single in 2002, from their debut album “Turn On The Bright Lights”. The song was included on a compilation by U2 for Mojo Magazine in 2005, by which time Interpol had released their second CD.  After some personnel changes, there has been talk of preparation for a fifth CD this year.

Interpol: NYC (2002)
A tribute to their hometown, NYC was Interpol’s second single, also from their debut CD. They were shown to have friends in high places when REM covered this song in a New York concert in 2003. There were more Joy Division comparisons after this, but you could be compared with a lot worse bands than Joy Division.

Indigo Girls: Closer To Fine (1989)
A bit of a change of pace from Interpol. I was introduced to the Indigo Girls by a friend I’ve now known for over 30 years, and he has a pretty good track record for introductions. I liked tracks from their first three CDs, but I think this is my favourite. The Wonder Stuff also liked it, covering the song on the reissue of their “Construction for the Modern Idiot”.

Icehouse: Great Southern Land (1982)

Lead singer Iva Davies had not only the best mullet in 80’s Australia, but some of the best songs as well.  Australians may claim everything that’s good about New Zealand as their own, but we like them really. Except when we’re playing them, or when England is playing them at cricket. We support them when they play England at rugby, or when they play South Africa at anything. It’s complicated. This is 1989 reissue of the original vid, when the hair was at its peak. Thanks for reminding me of these guys Kirsten.

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4 Responses to Musical micropause: I

  1. 00individual says:

    Icehouse – No Promises – mesmerizing – still is!

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