Musical micropause: C


Four more memories….this time from the C artists:

John Cale: Venus In Furs (live)
In my previous job a few years ago, I told my boss one day that I would be working out of the office. I didn’t tell him that I had flown from New Zealand to Australia to see a John Cale show, and would be working out of a hotel in Brisbane. That afternoon, I went to the venue to hopefully meet the man (which I eventually did, but not until that evening), and was the sole witness to a fantastic version of this Velvet Underground track.

John Cale: Style It Takes (live)
Another side of John Cale – this concert was released as his Fragments Of A Rainy Season CD. I didn’t see the Velvet Underground, but I saw John Cale sing about them in this song.  I was literally spitting distance from the stage, but I’m sure he doesn’t do it intentionally.

Leonard Cohen: Night Comes On (live)
There hadn’t been too many surprises in Leonard Cohen’s setlist in his 2010 tour – until he played this song in Auckland.  When I realised that he hadn’t played this song in 25 years, I sent a very excited post to the Leonard Cohen forum. I was even quoted in someone else’s blog! That was a first. A wonderful moment from an incredible show. There’s no video of that performance, but here he is with a full band in Verona in 2012.

Nick Cave: Right Now I’m A-Roaming

The first time I saw Nick Cave live was on my one day-off during a business trip to Mainz, Germany in 2006. It was the longest I had been away from my young boys, so I particularly liked these lines:

“When I get home, I’m gonna see my little boy
When I get home, I’m buy him a little toy
When I get home, he’s gonna jump for joy
But right now, right right now, right now I’m a-roaming”

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2 Responses to Musical micropause: C

  1. Cale, Cohen and Cave! What a profoundly influential bunch! Funky blog dude, great taste!

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